Advertising is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service.

Aims of Advertisement

  • Higher sales.
  • Introducing new products.
  • Information on improvement or change in product.
  • Spreading brand name.
  • Improve company’s image.

Purpose of Advertising

To Inform

To Persuade

To Remind

Types of Advertising

Informative Advertisement

Persuasive Advertisement

Reminder Advertisement

Product Advertisement

Institutional Advertisement

Collective/Genetic Advertisement

Competitive Advertisement

Direct Advertisement

Indirect Advertisement

Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising

Of Direct Advertising



Of Indirect Advertising



To Producer



To Customer



Advertising Tools/Devices

Techniques used by the advertiser in his promotion to appeal their target market, develop their interest, activate their desire and induce action.

  1. Gender
  2. Noise
  3. Music
  4. Suspense
  5. Economy
  6. Adventure
  7. Manliness
  8. Motherly love
  9. Family Love
  10. Offers
  11. Comic/Animation
  12. Contract
  13. Safety
  14. Endorsement of famous personalities

Advertising Media


Advantages Disadvantages
Wide coverage Wasteful circulation
Daily circulation Reach only literate people
Different rates depending on
size and location of ads
Short life
Poor quality advertisement
Low cost per exposure No audio/visual impact


Advantages Disadvantages
Long life Inflexible
Better quality Infrequent
Targeted No audio/visual impact
Still cheap Suitable only for literate people
Low cost per exposure  


Advantages Disadvantages
Wide coverage No visual impact
Audio impact Exposure life is very short
Can reach illiterate people Ads fail to get attention
Targeted. (Ads between programs) Becoming less popular
Low cost  


Advantages Disadvantages
Audio and Visual impact High absolute cost
Lost cost per exposure Wasteful circulation
Wide coverage Fail to get attention

Factors affecting choice of Advertisement Media

1. Cost Budget
2. Type of message Includes detail or not
3. Type of product Requires demonstration/Requires Audio and visual impact
4. Target Teenagers/Housewives/Professionals
5. Market Local/National/International
6. Government policy Does government allow such types of ads

Advertising Agencies

Account Service Department

Creative Department

Media Department

Production Department

Controlling Advertisement

  1. Government Legislation
  2. Advertising Standard Authority: Independent body which makes it sure that any advertisement which is publicized should not hurt audience.